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EmpowerMum Programme

Get back into training after your pregnancy with our supportive, specialised classes where over the 8 weeks, we prepare your body to get back to regular exercise.

Starts Monday 1st April

Build your strength, gently

Your body goes through a lot through your pregnancy and post-partum journey. So it's important to re-enter exercise gently, focusing on rebuilding your core and preparing you for whatever exercise journey you want to take. 

Our HGF Mama 8 week programme gives you access to 3 classes a week at HGF where you are taken through specialised workouts in a supportive environment.

The space will be tailored specifically with the music down so you can bring bubs along in a pram or capsule as well. Take the opportunity to meet like-minded women and get your body ready for the next stage of your journey.


The Programme

  • $40 per week

  • 8 Weeks

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am

  • Classes specifically for post-partum mums wanting to get back into exercise

  • Workouts designed to build strength and gain confidence

Minimum of 6 participants required

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