Work one on one with a Huddle Coach to ensure you stay on track to your goals.

If you're new to fitness and are unsure where to start, or if you have some more specific goals that require a little bit more accountability and expertise, Try working with a Huddle Coach and our Personal Training services.

Huddle PT offers a more individual and tailored program designed specifically for your goals. Your Huddle Coach will design your personal program and guide you through the fitness, nutritional and mindset elements to ensure you achieve your goals not just in the gym but in your life. 

Working with a Huddle Coach keeps you accountable and motivated to succeed. You'll learn the best way to train for your body for faster and safer results, how to eat and fuel your body in alignment with your goals and how to show up every time with the right mindset to win.

As a Huddle PT member, you'll receive. 

  • Expert guidance. An effective program designed specifically for you and the accountability and support to see it through.

  • Results. After years of experience we know what works and what doesn’t, so much so that we guarantee your results or give you your money back.

  • Enjoyment. No more boring cardio sessions or impossible diets. You'll also have more energy all day, and the confidence and attend social events looking and feeling your best.

Huddle's Personal Training program is a specialised service that is geared to get you one thing… Results! The Huddle Coaches ensure that you are getting the best quality service available whilst rewarding you along the way. We’re not your average run of the mill trainers. We pride ourselves on giving you the motivation, mindset, and knowledge to succeed in being healthy for the rest of your life.

As a Huddle PT Member you'll score free access to our group classes and exclusive access to Huddle HQ after hours ensuring you'll always have access to work toward your goals.