Join us for a high intensity, high energy group circuit class. Guaranteed to raise the heart rate, build strength and burn calories! Nothing is off limits here! We will utilise all Huddle’s “toys” to deliver a fun, empowering and challenging workout. It’s just you against yourself!


Get your sweat on with our Huddle Interval Training class. An all over body high energy workout designed to burn fat, build muscle and cardiovascular health. It’s you against the clock as you move between work and rest while building cardio fitness, lengthening your muscles and smiling from ear to ear.


Get strong and toned with this strength-based class. Flip tyres, swing kettlebells, pull sleds and push dumbbells to challenge your body and finish feeling fitter, stronger and more confident. An essential class for those wanting to build a stronger body and tone their muscles.


Build a stronger core with this mat-based class focusing on building a healthier back and core. Utilising bodyweight techniques, yoga, pilates, and suspension training you’ll work your way to a stronger core, better posture, and more mobile body. You asked for it, you're getting it!


Sometimes not knowing is better. It’s coaches choice for our workout of the week. Open to all!


Achieving your goals with us is simple, just follow the 3 easy steps!