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Tom Hart - Huddle Head Coach


As owner and head coach at Huddle, Tom has been involved in the fitness industry for 8 years after swapping his business suit for gym gear in 2010. Since that time Tom has worked with many different gyms across the world including The United States, Canada, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia and of course New Zealand, bringing his unique coaching style and knowledge to people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. It’s Tom’s mission to change as many lives as possible for the better through health and fitness. 

Whether it’s weight loss, strength building, rehabilitation or cardiovascular fitness that you are looking to improve on, Tom has the experience to ensure you reach your goals and live a better story. Tom takes a well rounded approach to health and fitness taking physical fitness, nutrition, time planning, motivation and accountability into consideration to develop a training plan that works, forever.

Huddle group and PT sessions are designed to deliver results! 

Each Huddle session, despite being in a group setting, is tailored specifically to your needs and goals and is delivered in a way that’s educational, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

Tom has had the pleasure of working with many clients in the last 8 years, and has been a featured presenter at The Australian Fitness Expo, The Asia Fitness Conference in Bangkok, NASM in Hong Kong, Fitness Australia and NPE Megatraining in Sydney.

As head coach for Huddle it’s Tom’s job to ensure all of our clients are on track to reaching their goals while ensuring a supportive, motivational and rewarding experience every single workout. 

Tom also offers private training sessions at Huddle for those that really want to make the most of their health and fitness and is available by application. To contact Tom email


Syaz (Shazzy) Salim - Huddle Coach

Syaz has over 11 years of experience as a world class trainer in Asia and NZ and has played a huge role in increasing the health and fitness of Christchurch residents during that time. Syaz, or Shazzy as he’s known at Huddle, holds a Diploma of Exercise Sports Science and knows exactly what it takes to make positive changes to your body and health. And keep your results long term.

As a reserve for the NZ Army, Shazzy is Huddle’s resident strong man and commando, he knows what it takes to be successful and always finds interesting, challenging and rewarding ways for our clients to get results while having a great time doing it. Every workout is different when you train with Shazzy, he is passionate about keeping our workouts varied, tailored and finding new ways to engage your body.

Shaz talks the talk and walks the walk. He knows what it takes to get our clients results and his unique teaching and motivation style will ensure every session with coach Shazzy will be time well spent.

Shazzy is available for one on one sessions upon request. To book a session with Shazzy, email us now at


Jamie Ling - Client Experience

Jamie comes to Huddle with a background in law, publishing and customer service. As co-owner, Jamie’s main priority is to help foster and promote the amazing, supportive and fun Huddle community in and out of the gym. Seeing clients achieve their goals, hopes and dreams in the gym is the best kind of job satisfaction there is!


Maxwell Smart - Mascot / Client Relations

Maxwell is Huddle’s mascot and part time receptionist. Max enjoys chasing balls around the gym floor, creating big fluff balls for the Huddle Team to vacuum, and then barking at the vacuum cleaner. Max’s favourite activity is to lean on new humans and beg for pats on his fluffy belly.