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Now is the time for YOU

Beat the cold this winter by smashing your strength and fitness goals with the HGF 8 Week Challenge - Starts 5 August

8 Week Challenge

Progress is a journey and every journey needs to start somewhere. The HGF 8 Week Challenge gives you the motivation and accountability to build good habits to kick start your journey. 

The Challenge gives you Unlimited Class access for the duration of the challenge and testing sessions at the beginning and end to measure your progress.

This challenge is your chance to capitalise on the colder months, setting you up with great habits to get you through the summer. Take control of your journey and start today.

Join the challenge for just:

$40 per week

What's included in the challenge:

  • Unlimited classes every week for 8 weeks

  • Baseline testing sessions at the beginning, middle and end - sessions include an Evolt body scan, measurements and strength and fitness testing

  • Nutrition tracking and guidance through MyFitnessPal

  • Private Facebook group for challenge participants to share ideas, advice and learn things!

Testing sessions are on the following dates:

  • Initial testing - Friday 2 August 6pm or Saturday 3 August 10am

  • Mid-point testing - Friday 30 August 6pm or Saturday 31 August 10am

  • Final testing - Friday 27 September 6pm or Saturday 28 September 10am

Not available to current HGF members.


Why choose HGF

  • 24 classes per week on our timetable

  • A range of class types throughout the week

  • Friendly, experienced trainers

  • Classes are all uniquely designed by the trainer delivering the class, giving a wide variety in workouts

  • Private, supportive environment to allow you to push yourself to be your best

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